Newsletter – February 2017

Newsletter February 2017

Message from the President:

A good point has been raised by one member and that being – “Who amongst the members has a First Aid Certificate“. If you hold a current First Aid Certificate could you please let one of the committee know so we can keep a record and know who to call on should something happen in the clubhouse or out on the course.



I would like to touch on what an amazing job our volunteers do around the club.  Sometimes I think people forget that the Greens Beach Golf Club survives and is financially sound due to its many volunteers, whether it is the committee, members working out on the course, in the office or around the clubhouse.  Volunteers give their time freely for the betterment of the club and it certainly is appreciated.  Here is a summary of some of the things they do:

–        Maintenance out on the course and around the clubhouse

–        Back up support in the office as we only employ a part-time administration officer

–        Back up support behind the bar – competition days, special social functions and when a bar staff may be sick or on leave

–        Competition Days handicapping cards

–        Co-ordination and running social functions eg Barbaganzas, New Year’s Eve. Celebration of our Club Champions etc.

–        Saturday barbecues either up on the 6th or at the clubhouse or Novelty Golf Fun Days etc.

Your committee also takes on a lot of responsibilities, including

–        Management of the club

–         Fixtures

–        Sponsorship

–        Special Projects

–        Day to day enquiries

–        Website and Facebook

–        Marketing – Newsletters, flyers, emails to members etc.

–        Co-ordination of Club Hire, Social Functions and Special Events

–        Co-ordination and manning of the Green Waste Disposal Centre

Sometimes our communication to members could be better but please stop and think that your committee are also all volunteers.  If there is something you would like to discuss please raise it with one of your committee members.


The Ladies and Vets have their own committees and also round up many volunteers to assist them with their activities, including Open Days, Tamar Valley A Grade and Tamar Valley Junior Cup to name a few.  Donations are made on a regular basis to the club which is a wonderful support to maintaining a viable club.


We are always looking for volunteers so if you think you can offer some time please put up your hand, it can be very rewarding.  Murray Lehner, President.


Co-Captains Report:

8th Tee – Back to the Past!

In the near future we will be using the old 8th tee playing as a Par 3 on a trial basis and asking members for their opinion – to change back permanently or leave as is as a Par 4.  To possibly keep the course a Par 72 we would play the 4th and 13th as a Par 5.  We look forward to your input.



Pennant Season:

The Pennant season is just around the corner and we invite all old and new players to join in.  For those who haven’t played pennant before it is a great way to play other courses, meet new people but most of all represent your Club.  Golf is a very individual game but with pennant it is nice to get to play the game in a team environment.  Please don’t think you have to be an A Grade player to participate as there are handicap divisions as well, come on have a go!  If you are interested there is a sheet up on the notice board to put your name down or contact Luke Blyth on 0400 908 815 or phone the club on 6383 9102.  Happy golfing!  Terry Jordan/Richard Landherr, Co Captains.


Questions & Answers:

We are introducing a question and answer section for each Newsletter.  If you have a question relating to golf please email to and we will endeavour to give you an answer.


Q:           Can I remove a stake, post or cart sign on the course?

A:           No – all stakes, posts and cart signs on the course are an immovable obstruction.  You can take a drop – nearest point of relief.


Small Maintenance Jobs out on the Course or in and around the Clubhouse:

If you notice small maintenance jobs that need attention either out on the course or in and around the Clubhouse at the Handicappers Desk is a green folder which has inside a sheet so you can write down what needs attention.  Sometimes other people’s eyes pick up little things that staff or your committee may have missed.


Course Report:

Well another month has slipped by, the grass has finally slowed down and the course is starting to brown off in non-watered areas.


We are about to commence constructing a new path from the 5th – 14th tee beds around to the ladies tees, drainage work will also be undertaken in this area.  Additionally drainage work will be undertaken through the 7th fairway to the second tee bed.  Hopefully this work will improve conditions for cart owners and pull buggy pedestrians.  Happy golfing!  Peter Blazely, Greenkeeper.


Vets Golf News:

Our player numbers have been great over the holiday period with some more new members joining.


Our revenue raising has also been up and that has enabled us to pass on another $1,000 to the Club’s funds.


The Vets committee has decided that from now on the Vets and their partners will pay for the Christmas dinner and the Vets will only supply some wine to each table as a starter.


Ten of us travelled to Smithton for their annual Vets Competition (Pat and Helen Doolan accompanied us).  We all stayed at the local camping ground in caravans except for Frank Pfundt and his partner Carol, they came in their amazing bus.  A great time was had by all and we will go back next year, so book that in.  Oh, we didn’t manage to win any trophies; some people were a little under the weather!  Wayne McConachy, President.




Ladies Golf News:

For many years we have held a Tee Off for Breast Cancer competition and in total donated $2,400 to the cause.


This year we decided to hold our event on a Sunday, made it a mixed competition and also included some novelty activities.  All funds raised were divided equally between Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer support.


The day went like this:

  • Playing in teams of four, all teams had one pink ball (and 3 white) with the main aim to keep the pink ball in play
  • Before teeing off on the 1st you could roll the dice to determine where the team would drive from – could be better off or could be worse off!
  • Between the 9th green and 1st tee there was an opportunity to enter the longest drive, the only difference being instead of using a ball it was substituted with a marsh mellow – you could choose pink or white!
  • Guess the number of Tees in the jar
  • Raffle and Barbeque


Winners were Sally Woods, Alan Beecroft, Jason Beecroft and Frank Pfundt, well done.   Raffle winners were Carys Morgan, 2nd Colin Bender and 3rd Ange Blyth.


As a result of such a successful day we have been able to donate $600 each to both Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer research.


Breast and Prostate Cancer Fundraiser

It is our intention to include this event in our fixtures book as an annual event. A BIG THANK YOU to those who contributed to make the day so successful and such fun.


We have held our first Monthly Medal for 2017, the winner was Coral Brown with 78 and our Master Putter winner was Leila Craw with 30 putts.  Joan Wesson, President.


Social & Fundraising News:


The next major raffle will be our Easter Raffle which will commence on the 1st March and drawn at Presentation on Easter Saturday, 15th April.


Trivia Night – Saturday, 20th January.

What a great night with 78 people participating.  The questions certainly got you thinking, especially the local Greens Beach section.


Our sincere thanks from the Club to Geoff and Chris Arnott, Jos Hewitt and Mike Castley who did an amazing job in organising the event.  I’m sure tickets will sell fast for next year!


Paella Fiesta – Friday 24th February

This ticketed event, we are happy to announce, IS SOLD OUT.  Our sincere thanks go to Moores Hill Estate Wines for coming on board as a sponsor.


March Long Weekend.

A Barbaganza will be held on Saturday, 11th March and booking details will come out soon.



Green Waste Disposal Area

The Green Waste Disposal Area for the next 3 months will be open on:

–        Sunday, 19th March

–        Sunday, 23rd April (due to the 16th being Easter Sunday)

–        Sunday, 21st May