Members Questions – Development

Hello to all members,

To try and satisfy some doubts, concerns or maybe any misunderstandings regarding the proposed development I have prepared the following and hope that it will assist with answering some of your questions:

Q. Who will own the new golf course?

A. The members of the GBGC as they do now

Q. Will the new clubhouse and its catering area be run by the GBGC?

A. The clubhouse and associated facilities will be owned and run by the golf club unless the Committee choose to let the kitchen area out to outside caterers for example

Q. Will I still be able to play my golf as I have been accustomed?

A. You certainly will. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday will have tee times reserved for our members for the usual comps. The big advantage of an 18 hole layout is that you can start on either the 1st or the 10th tee. Please keep in mind the Greens Beach Golf Club is a private club and will remain so!

Q. How big will the proposed sewerage treatment plant be, and where will it be located?

A. The wastewater plant is only to service the new development and will have a footprint of approx. 10 metres by 20 metres so will be relatively small. The plant will be above ground and will be protected from view by tree plantings etc. Final location of the plant will be negotiated by Taswater and the Golf Club during the detailed design phase. Eventual ownership and responsibility for all aspects of running the plant will be handed to Taswater. Details of the proposed plant are attached for you.

Q. Will the Golf Club be financially disadvantaged by the development?

A. No. By the commencement of the development the Club will have a 7 figure bank balance to administer as we see fit. We will continue to play out of the existing Clubhouse until the new Clubhouse is fully functional and the 12 new golf holes playable

Q. What does the future hold for the GBGC if we reject the development?

A. If we don’t vote for the development these are some of the important issues that will need to be addressed by future administrations:

  • Issues with couch grass growing into the greens which will involve replacing all of the greens for around $17,000 per green ($153,000)
  • Our machinery urgently needs replacing the total cost of which will be approaching some $140,000 …..replacement of the ‘past its use-by date’ machinery shed needs also to be addressed.
  • A clubhouse that requires serious money spent to resolve issues such as re-wiring, adequate heating, men’s toilet area, cool room etc. etc.
  • Static membership numbers, resulting in decreasing revenue and annual increases in subscriptions in order to balance the books

Q. Why don’t we attempt to do a development on our own?

A. We do not have the means or the expertise to administer such a project.

Q. What will happen to my subscriptions if we go to an 18 hole course?

A. The Committee will assure existing members that there will be no abnormal increases in the rate of their subscription and indeed the anticipated increase in revenue from green fee players will only help to limit any increases.

Q. What will happen with green fees to play the 18 hole course

A. These will be decided by the GBGC committee as at present and could encompass a range of fees not unlike what is happening at Barnbougle Dunes

Q. Will the tennis courts remain at the existing site?

A. Yes. They have just been refurbished and there are no plans to move

Q. What will happen to the ‘old’ clubhouse should the development happen?

A. Still to be decided, this area together with the car park is zoned ‘commercial’ and remains the property of the GBGC as an asset into the future.

Q. What will be the site access be for the residential and Golf Club.

A. The main entrance for the development will be at approx. the smiley face corner so that not too much traffic comes down to the existing village area. The road that goes past the caravan park from the shop will be extended along to the new club house. We will have good access to the club from both directions.

If you have any more questions or concerns please ask and I will attempt to answer them.

Murray Lehner